My name is Jeff Scott and I am the owner of Scott-Bilt, Inc.. We specialize in the design and construction of custom residential homes and renovations in Colorado, specifically west of Denver. Established in 1995, our business philosophy has remained unchanged: seek out discriminating clientele and provide to them high quality construction via an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment is evident in the fact that we have been the proud recipient of The Better Business Bureau Gold Star Award every year since 2005. This prestigious award is given in recognition of no negative complaints for 3 years prior.  Whether a new construction or renovation, we refuse to compromise on how we operate. It starts with involvement by myself, the company president, in any service we offer.  Combined with 33 years of residential construction experience, our clients take comfort in knowing that the owner of the construction company they have selected is actively coordinating their project and will be involved intimately from A-Z.

New Construction Services include:

  • Construction Design & Drawings

  • Residential new construction

  • Landscaping


At Scott-Bilt, Inc., we do not compete with other builders/contractors based on a bottom line in order to be awarded a project. We compete with:


 1. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

 2. Our longevity as a home-grown Colorado business with the same contact information since 1995

 3. Our status as an owner-operated and owner-involved business

 4. Advanced construction methods and value engineered materials


Discriminating buyers understand and quite frankly should expect this from their contractor. There are no shortcuts to true success and beware of those claiming otherwise.

We welcome the opportunity to set up a consultation for your upcoming project or to discuss our business philosophies in greater depth. Our methods have proven to create and sustain a solid reputation in the Colorado residential construction arena, as well as a database of satisfied references, that will stand the test of time.




Renovation Services include:


  • Construction design and drawings

  • Small and large scale renovations

  • Additions

  • Basement finish

  • Kitchen and bath re-configuration and/or upgrades

  • Home energy efficiency upgrades

  • Landscaping


At Scott-Bilt, Inc., we understand what it takes for a contractor to be successful from start to finish. It starts with establishing a simply priority; communication. This communication must exist not only during construction, but also during the design, contractual, and warranty phases as well. From there, the process is as follows:


  Step 1: A free consultation to discuss and define parameters regarding objectives, budget, and time frame.


  Step 2: Plan your work. Competent construction drawings are critical for any construction project to be completed on time and on budget.


  Step 3: Work your plan. All the pre-construction effort put forth will now start paying dividends.

In closing, we welcome the opportunity to set up a consultation for your upcoming project or to discuss our business philosophies in greater depth. Our longevity, despite the ever-challenging economy, speaks volumes of our reputation in the Colorado residential construction climate.



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