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     Now that I have your attention, we both know there is no possible way to accurately determine pricing for a construction project from simply visiting a website. However, what I can give you are some bits of general information that might help with decisions to be made before your construction journey. They are as follows:


1) You get what you pay for. This cannot be overstated. Quality costs and be aware of the fact that a construction project may look to have quality upon completion but can let you know otherwise shortly after.


2) There are 3 parameters that drive any construction project: the quality, the time, and the cost. It is impossible to have the best of all 3 and anyone claiming otherwise should be avoided. Strive for 2.


3) All reputable contractors know current market demands and charge for their services accordingly. In a high-demand market, don't be fooled into thinking anyone will be giving you a discount. A seemingly low price at the beginning of the project will increase to market value by the end of the project I can assure you.


4) Demand transparency. The less project cost information you have as a client equates to a greater advantage for the contractor. This also applies to construction drawings and contracts. Details determine responsibility and accountability in the client/contractor relationship.


5) Research current client, suppliers, and sub-contractor references. With due diligence, both positive and negative trends are quickly discovered. Check the longevity of these relationships as well.



Combined with good common sense, hopefully these will offer some assistance to you. Best of luck and let me know if I can be of service.









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