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May 17, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:


It is with great pleasure that we write a letter of recommendation for Jeff Scott, the builder of our home. We feel that our home was built with exceptionally high quality workmanship. Jeff demonstrated excellent knowledge and experience with building a high quality custom home from start (including excavation) to finish. We have a difficult site; Jeff came up with innovative solutions to the terrain issues. He also honored our request to preserve as many trees as possible and limit the disturbance to the site. He showed respectful appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our foothills site. Our architectural plan was complicated, but Jeff seemed to love the challenge. He coordinated and met often with the architect.  In fact, he demonstrated an ability to orchestrate and time all of the building phases, including final finishing and landscaping. He is a “can-do” kind of guy.


When the house was framed, we knew we’d chosen the right builder. It was simply amazing to see the quality of the workmanship.  Jeff’s subcontractors were all very pleasant and took great pride in their work. Every single time we met a contractor, and we mean every single time, they spoke to us about the unusual level of care and quality that was going into the construction of our home. Jeff also had a perfect safety record for the entire project. One day Judith was at the house checking on something and a new subcontractor spoke to her, and went on and on about the house. He had been working on custom homes in Breckenridge and was astounded by the difference in quality. Then he asked her what she was there to work on, not realizing she was one of the owners.


Jeff worked very closely with us and was willing to help with selection of high quality materials and appliances. He respected our opinions and sought them. When we began this process, we might not have realized just how critical it would be to have a builder who listened well, and was helpful, flexible and patient. Jeff is very easy to work with, and we really enjoyed getting to know him. We appreciated his follow-up after the house was completed, and his integrity throughout the process. We’re sure there is no written guideline suggesting that one choose a homebuilder who is a nice as well as competent person, but the owners and builder need to communicate clearly and frequently, and this was very easy to do with Jeff. We receive so many compliments on the house, on how it sits on the site, on the exterior materials, the rockwork, the quality. When the wind is howling outside, nothing moves. Our home is solid, safe and beautiful too. We are very grateful to Jeff.




Tim and Judith S.


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To Whom It May Concern:

Scott-Bilt recently completed a garage addition to our house.  Over the years we have done several remodeling projects on our house, but this one stands out, not only because it ran so smoothly, but also because the quality of the finished construction is very impressive.

Remodeling is inherently stressful, because it disrupts daily life, but Jeff’s scheduling and management of workers and machinery was very thoughtful and never made us feel inconvenienced.  His sub-contractors were friendly, reliable and efficient, and most importantly the finished product exceeded our expectations.  Jeff is very honest and knowledgeable and the costs of the project were not excessive.  There were no hidden or surprise add-ons.

We are extremely pleased with the addition. Neighbors passing our house stop to comment on how nice the garage addition looks, and we often wish the rest of our house were constructed as well as the new garage.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jeff Scott to our friends for a construction project.


Wayne F. and Elizabeth W.



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To whom it may concern,


I have been working with Jeff Scott, both in my capacity as the President of TKP Architects in Golden CO, and personally as a homeowner doing an addition to our Lookout Mountain home, for many years.  I have watched with admiration as Jeff has matured into an excellent custom home builder, remodel contractor, and businessman.  He is always interested in learning more about all aspects of the business, from design, to customer service, to the most complex and technical aspects of custom home construction.


Building or remodeling your own home can be very stressful, even for an experienced architect!  One of Jeff’s greatest assets is his calm, steady, and reassuring nature.  He does not get defensive or jump to conclusions.  He works through problems with a focused assurance that gives his clients confidence in his leadership during construction, and keeps the process of building positive and enjoyable.


Our office has referred Jeff to many of our custom home and remodeling clients, with excellent feedback and results.  We will continue to do so, as Scott-Bilt has been a great partner in bringing to life some of our most challenging and significant design projects.  We have been in business for nearly 30 years in Colorado, designing well over 1000 homes, many of them national and local award-winners.  We have worked with dozens of builders and contractors.  Selecting Jeff to build the addition to our personal home speaks volumes about our faith in his ability and our comfort level with him personally.  I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a custom home or remodel contractor.



Karen Keating AIA ASID

President, TKP Architects pc

1509 Washington Ave.

Golden Colorado, 80401


303 278-8840



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After living in our house for 11 years, we decided it was time to remodel our walkout basement into a media room and redesign the master bath/closet.  We received names of general contractors from friends, and Jeff Scott came recommended to us after he completed a large remodel for one of our friends.  Our first impressions of Jeff were his professionalism and honesty.  He was responsive and followed up quickly with us on questions and a proposal.  We had considered going with an architect/designer for the design, but decided that we would have Jeff do the design/build which would help keep us within our budget.


Jeff worked with us on the drawings and design until we arrived at something we were all happy with and would be within our budget.  Given his experience, he itemized out the materials and allowances that would be needed based on our desired level of quality and customization, plus the timeframe to make decisions on the detailed specifications.  He was great about only showing us materials that were within our budget, which helped narrow down the selections and make the decision making process more efficient.  He was always very conscience about the budget and let us know if one of our selections overspent the budget.  We did end up spending more on the actual materials than what was budgeted, but that was due to decisions and change orders initiated by us.  He went above and beyond to save us money where he could.


 In an effort to save money on the project, Jeff performed much of the work himself, such as all of the plumbing and the custom design of the woodwork in the media room and master bedroom closet.  One of the most impressive things about our project is the beautiful granite bar that he built for us.  His workmanship is of the highest quality and his eye to detail is much appreciated.  Our project did run longer than originally estimated, however the product and customization we ended up with far surpasses any inconveniences we experienced due to the length of the project.


 We are very happy with the work performed by Jeff and the subcontractors he used in completing the project, and would not hesitate in recommending Scott-Bilt to anyone.


 Jason & Heather O.



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We hired Jeff Scott and TKP Architects to do a kitchen/laundry room remodel. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I remember calling on some of his references before we had hired him. One of them said if they had to do it again they would, with Jeff. I agree 100%. Jeff is honest, he watches your dollar and he goes the extra mile to get the result you want. We LOVE our kitchen and laundry room. Just recently one of our dishwashers was loose. 13 months after the project was done I called Jeff and told him about this. Within 2 or 3 days he was at my house fixing the problem, no questions or complaints!! Jeff is dependable and great to work with. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend him to friends or family and I have done both.




Laura C.



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Dear Jeff:


Enclosed please find 4 tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil. I wanted to give you something for building my house. I know you did it for less money than you normally charge, and this will not even make up the difference, but know that I sincerely appreciate your willingness to complete this project and help me with my house.


 I hope that your family will enjoy it, and if you have never been, it is an awesome experience! I have seen them since 1995 and for me it has been amazing, and I hope it is for you as well. I think even your youngest will enjoy it!


I thank you again for your generosity and kindness in this adventure. I know I will enjoy my home for years to come.




Dr. Kathryn B.



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Dear Jeff,


We are at the end of what has turned out to be a wonderful adventure in home remodel. Ron and I, having both worked in the construction industry all of our careers, knew when we started this process that finding the right contractor was essential. We are so glad we chose well when we selected you to handle our home renovation.


We started out his process with a timeline and a budget. We finished the project slightly beyond the time established but with good reason and partially as a result of items we added. The same goes for the budget. Your numbers were pretty accurate especially regarding the items over which you had control.


All during the process you have streamlined everything to impact our lives as little as possible. You have dealt with us honestly, you have been our eyes and ears and have advised us of potential problems and given us options based on your expertise when unforeseen issues arose. We also have been most impressed with the subcontractors you have on your team. The quality of workmanship and the dedication to excellence is evident in all that you do. Your comment to me one day that I need to be happy with the work even if it meant doing it over says a lot about your interest in your client.


As you have done everything else, you have completed the punch list work pleasantly and with no nagging from us. You have been proactive throughout this process and we have ended up knowing that you cared to the end.


All and all I can say we couldn't be happier with our new "old" home. We have no regrets that we chose to remodel and feel that finding you was the key to the ease with which we made our house dreams come true. Thanks for being our guide through this interesting and exciting process.




Paula K.



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To Whom It May Concern:


Unfortunately in August 2001, our home fell victim to a lightning strike,  which resulted in a fire destroying the entire upper floor of the home. At that point in time, we enlisted the services of Scott-Bilt, Inc. to reconstruct our home. This was quite an elaborate process and involved removing the entire upper floor of the home and reconstructing basically the main floor and upstairs again, and I can give testimony to the fact Jeff and Dan were wonderful to work with. Jeff was the primary lead on the project and was very easy to communicate with. The were very conscious of our decisions and our wishes. They kept us informed at all times of the progress of the project including taking time to meet with us on weekends, Saturday, Sunday, whatever was most convenient for us in order to walk through and keep us appraised of what was happening with the construction. They also were very innovative in keeping us abreast regarding the latest and greatest technologies with regards to everything from paint finishing to plumbing fixtures, etc.


I would wholeheartedly endorse using Scott-Bilt, Inc. to provide any remodel or new construction services in a residential setting. If I ever need such services in the future, I would use them again in a heartbeat.




Gerald Z., M.D.



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To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago my husband and I asked Jeff Scott and his brother Dan to design and build a remodeled kitchen.  In addition, we asked them to design and build a large space beside the kitchen that would become an art gallery and media room. We expected  the worst:  budget overruns, completion well after the target date, and lots of debris, dust and mess.  Well, it didn’t happen that way.  We finished without a budget overrun and  by the agreed-on date  and the mess was minimal.  Jeff’s subcontractors were experienced, skilled, careful, and polite. They covered the interior construction area with  plastic so dust was minimal. Since the media room was new construction, there were many, many decisions we had to make.  With our builders’ help, we made all these decisions and they produced two gorgeous rooms—a kitchen and an art gallery that functioned beautifully.

Another letter comments on Jeff’s thoroughness and punctual attitude toward the punch list. We had the same experience with our punch list.  Our pipes in the kitchen froze about eighteen months after the kitchen remodel and some basement work.  Jeff returned immediately and fixed the problem, which turned out to be problems with the original construction of the house. Jeff is proud of his accounts that show a client how and where his monies were spent. We found his financial paperwork to be clear and correct; we rarely had any questions.

We were lucky enough to tour Jeff’s spec house in Evergreen.  The home was truly a Dream House. We had never seen such a beautiful mountain home.  Jeff’s talent and his creativity transformed what could have been just another large mountain house  into a work of art. Without any reservations at all, we would recommend Jeff for new construction or remodeling either one. It was a joy to work with him on all of our projects.


Sincerely yours,

Joe and Janay D.



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